Tarchon Fist Biography.

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Tarchon Fist was born and developed in conjunction with a series of events. The core unit was created at the end of March 2005, after the split of the Rain, the memorable Italian group present on the metal scene since the 1980s, whose guitarist, founder and songwriter was Luciano “Lvcio” Tattini. This event coincided with the coming of Marco “Wallace” Pazzini (bassist and founder of Basic Dreams, famous band from Bologna, born in 1994). The starting idea was to continue with the Rain project, but this was not possible because of a serious of adverse situations. In few weeks the first line up was completed. The Name TARCHON FIST was the “logical evolution” of the “Rain” band. Tarchon was an etrurian, king, hero and then also a god. The god of the storm. With the world “fist” the band wanted to underline the power and the impact on stage. At the end of 2005, the band recorded a promo, and a videoclip was produced on the music of “Eyes of Wolf”. Thanks to this video, the band was contacted by the label My Graveyard Productions and in 2007 Tarchon Fist signed a contract. On January 2008 My Graveyard Productions announced the release of the album “Tarchon Fist”. Under the same label just on year later, in 2009 Tarchon Fist presented the 2nd album “Fighters” with a double release party. After a change of line up with Mirco “Ramon” Ramondo on vocals and Sergio “Rix” Rizzo on guitars and many shows around Italy the purpose of Tarchon Fist was to bring Italian Metal around Europe in a short time. On October 2013 the new cd “Heavy Metal Black Force” (My Graveyard Productions) came out. For the fist ten years of carreer the band released on December 2015 the Album “Celebration 2005-2015” With a new song called “Clelebration” and the best of the first decade. In 2016 Tarchon Fist started to work on a new album. On July 2017 the EP “Proud to be Dinosaurs was Released”.

Today Tarchon Fist is completing the recording of the new album. From 2010 to now the band is aways the same exept for the drummer Giacomo “Jack” Lauretani (2016).

So from 2010 till today the band toured across Italy, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary…

Now after 13 years of activity, albums, promos, videoclips, Eps, Lps, singles and tours the band is ready for the biggest festival in the world. The mighty Wacken Open Air.

Tarchon Fist are:

Mirco “Ramon” Ramondo – Lead Vocals

Luciano “Lvcio” Tattini – Guitars and Vocal

Sergio “Rix” Rizzo – Guitars andVocals

Marco “Wallace” Pazzini – Bass Guitars and Vocals

Giacomo “Jack” Lauretani – Drums


Stabilire una data per la nascita dei Tarchon Fist è impresa ardua, in quanto il gruppo nasce e si sviluppa in concomitanza ad una serie di eventi. Il nucleo principale si forma comunque alla fine di marzo 2005, in seguito alla scissione dei Rain, storico gruppo italiano



It is quite difficult to set a date for the birth of Tarchon Fist. The group has in fact born and developed in conjunction with a series of events. The core unit was created at the end of March 2005, after the Rain’s severance, the memoralbe italian group



Le groupe des Tarchon Fist est né et s’est développé en concomitance d’une série d’évènements.
Le noyau principal se forme fin mars 2005. Le groupe historique italien


Es ist ein schwieriges Unterfangen ein Datum für die Tarchon Fist Entstehung festzusetzen; die Band ist nämlich in Verbindung mit verschiedenen Ereignissen geboren, auf der selben Weise hat sie sich entwickelt. Auf jeden Fall, entsteht der Hauptkern der Band am Ende März 2005 nach der Rain Teilung, die denkwürdige italienische


Establecer una fecha exacta para la creación de Tarchon Fist es una difícil tarea, ya que el grupo nace y se desarrolla gracias a una serie de eventos. De igual manera el núcleo principal se forma a finales de Marzo 2005, tras la división de Rain, un grupo italiano histórico que está presente en la escena del Metal desde 1980